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BFC19 is a platform for businesses already impacted and which expect to be impacted by the Covid-19 in some way or another.

We aim to assist those who join the BFC19 community as we believe that together, this new network can provide a stepping stone to make businesses stronger and more prepared to engage into business again. Our cutting-edge business matching algorithm finds, evaluates and makes powerful partnership recommendations for those in the community.

Our intervention areas for businesses across five strategic thrusts

You are looking for some form of collaboration or partnership

  • Match your requirements from our database to potential partners
  • Negotiate with potential partners on your behalf
  • Agree on the specifics of a collaboration or partnership
  • Support on the implementation of your business action plan
  • Pitch for mandates together rather than alone

You require financing from banks, from private investors or a mix of both

  • Use our network of specialized partners to seek finance for your business
  • Match seekers of capital to investors from our database
  • Negotiate with potential investors on your behalf

You are an investor, a fund, a business owner or an opportunity seeker

  • Match your requirements to our database
  • Find potential market deals on your behalf
  • Negotiate potential deals on your behalf

You want to harness the power of digital technology

  • Write the technology roadmap for your organisation
  • Help you source your technological needs
  • Build and implement custom applications

You are looking for assistance & support and would like to be in our community

  • We connect you to professionals and expert in our community
  • We intervene where we believe we could add value
  • We can regroup a multi-disciplinary team of experts depending on your requirements
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