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A unique national collaborative platform for businesses, BFC19

BFC19 is a platform for businesses already impacted and which expect to be impacted by the Covid-19 in some way or another.
We aim to assist those who join the BFC19 community as we believe that together, this new network can provide a stepping stone to make businesses stronger and more prepared to engage into business again. Our cutting-edge business matching algorithm finds, evaluates and makes powerful partnership recommendations for those in the community.


VERDE is a full-service strategic research and insight practice built on the belief that globally our economies and societies are underpinned by and reliant on science to make informed decisions. However, many markets have not benefited to the same degree as the rest of the developed world. The link between evidence, data, factual analysis and independent advice from a group of multi-disciplinary experts is critical and valued. In Mauritius there is an abundance of potential which can be delivered. Our bespoke solutions which include surveys, focus groups, ethnography studies, data consulting and creative research specifically address those needs.
Creative and inquisitive, we are passionate about empowering our clients to make the decisions that matter. We work with organisations to define and overcome strategic challenges –helping them to get to grips with the market in which their brands operate. We use the right approach and methodology to deliver robust insights, strategic counsel and targeted recommendations that generate change and positive outcomes.

Ogment provides customized solution and develops a comprehensive range of services to assist companies in implementing digital change. We build and implement software solutions and undertook a number of projects in PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, CSS, XML, SQL and HTML5. We follow frameworks like AngularJS, Boostrap, Symfony, NodeJS, and Laravel. We value data and treat it like no other. We use mostly MySQL and PostgreSQL databases but we do have knowledge in mongoDB and NoSQL. Tools that we use include Talend, Jasper Report, BIRT and custom PHP/HTML5 libraries.

The MRIC endorses BFC19. The MRIC is the apex body which advises the Government on matters concerning applied research, innovation and research and development issues. The National SME Incubator Scheme is a scheme under which VERDE is an accredited incubator.